Male Hormone Optimization Nutrition and Training Plan

If you are waking up every single day with an erection ready to go then this plan isn´t for you.

Carry on! Sorry to waste your time! Keep having mind blowing sex with the muscular physique you had in your 20´s with the gorgeous blonde next to you…who is 15 years your junior. That´s right.

After that head to the office and continue on with dominating whatever meetings you have that day, stress free with a smile on your handsome face.

This plan definitely isn´t for you.

Oh wait. It´s not you?

You don´t wake up every single morning with a hard on? Maybe you have a couple of layers of fat over what once resembled your toned abs. What´s worse, perhaps you look down and see bigger breasts on yourself than your ex wife had. Unacceptable! Get a hold on yourself man!

Want to feel:
25 years younger?
The sex drive you had in your 20´s and 30´s?
Unafraid and actually shamelessly excited to take off your shirt off?
Sleep like a baby?
Full of energy rather than overstressed and exhausted?
Like you can crush it in the gym?

Course you do.

Let´s get you:
A renewed and fired up sex drive no matter what your age.
A body that intimidates even your 20 year old self.
A superior meal plan with food that not only tastes better, leaves you
satisfied but also looking better than ever before.
A training plan designed to boost testosterone, obtain muscle and maximize results in minimal time.
A winning personality.*

*Oh wait. No guarantee on that one sorry!! 😉

How do we do this?

We improve your male hormone levels, your energy, your muscle mass, and combat aging through this nutrition and exercise plan.
We put together a male specific nutrition plan telling you what to eat, when and why. We design a plan and teach you the key movements in the gym that get you the biggest results both hormonally and for body composition in minimal time.

We do:

A full assessment of your stress and sleep levels
Identify your individual metabolic type(sugar/mixed/muscle burner)
Measure and assess your blood sugar management
A brain assessment questionaire, measuring and analyzing any dominant or deficient neutrotransmitters you may have
Weight training plans for beginner, intermediate and advanced lifters. A plan to keep you young, lean and muscular for life.