Female Menopause Weight Loss Plan

Women age. Menopause looms ahead. We don´t feel like having sex anymore. Our kids, our friends, the world tells us that that´s it. We´re over the hill. Our best years are behind us.

With all due respect…Fu*k that.

It´s a myth propagated and shamelessly spread by society and those fatter and more jealous of the rest. This is NOT your fate.

But here´s the thing. Women do have a COMPLETELY different hormonal metabolism than men. As we age our metabolism changes dramatically and runs differently than it did in our 20´s, 30´s and 40´s.

So what does that mean for you?

Well, maybe you already feel that something is off. You look down and sigh nostalgically at the sight of your stomach. Gone are the abs of your 20´s and 30´s. What remains is a spare and squidgy tire and a deflating sense of ego. You turn to check out your reflection in the mirror. Your heart sinks. What was once a traffic stopping-acident causing-perky behind has now transformed itself into something different. Flatter. Lower. Sinking inwards for christssake! Is that really your butt??

In sheer emotional desperation and distress you join a gym and hop on the treadmill. You run mile after mile in frantic panic towards the body of your youth.

You count and cut your calories since this method has always worked in the past.

You eat ¨healthy¨ foods that the so called experts tell you to eat, secretly thinking that your oatmeal tastes remarkably like chalk and sawdust. You might even dive head first into a juice detox.

Results? If only!

Your butt is falling faster and faster and and you are getting softer and softer. None of it is working like it did before and you don´t understand why?!?!?!!

Hormones. Food matters but hormones matter more.

What you eat directly affects what hormones are released and whether you burn or store fat.

And the onset of menopause has a massive impact.

So let´s make this work for you and not against.

Let´s get you:
A renewed and fired up sex drive no matter what your age.
A body that radiates confidence, sexiness and beauty.
A superior meal plan with food that not only tastes better, leaves you satisfied but also looking better than ever before.
A training plan working with your hormones rather than against them.
A strategy to deal with any excessive stress in your life.
A toyboy 20 years younger if single*

*Results not guaranteed!!!! But chances greatly increased;-)

You will feel sexier, have more energy, have no cravings, handle your stress like a champion and most importantly…look good naked.

If this doesn´t appeal to you, this plan is not for you.

We do:

A full assessment of your stress and sleep levels.
Identify your individual metabolic type and tendencies.
Measure and assess your blood sugar management.
A brain assessment questionaire, measuring and analyzing any dominant or deficient neutrotransmitters you may have.

And more…