Pregnancy and Fertility Nutrition

This plan is for all those pregnant or trying to get pregnant women out there. Pregnancy nutrition can be difficult, and the last thing you need to fret about is what foods are okay to eat and what foods are potentially toxic(spoiler, excess fructose, soy). All this while you sprint frantically towards the bathroom to experience yet another bout of morning sickness. At 4pm. How crap.

Knowing what to do can be truly overwhelming. You´re so excited but at the same time scared silly and don´t know where to begin.

But this represents a huge opportunity both for you and baby. The first nine months spent in the womb are PIVITAL not only for the baby´s development but in actually determining the future health and risk of your child of developing diseases such as type 2 diabetes, cancer, depression, allergies and asthma, intolerances and obesity for the rest of his or her life.

In fact, what you eat or don´t eat has been shown to boost your baby´s IQ by up to 10 points(spoiler alert, it´s omega-3 fatty fish). Let´s be honest, you will love your kid no matter what but you want them to be as smart as possible in order to get ahead in life.

Or how about the fact that studies now show that early differences in the gut flora of kids can predict which of them will be overweight by age seven. Maybe you don´t care if your kid is the next Kobe Bryant, but you sure want to do all you can to increase their chances of being healthy.

So let us take the guesswork out of all this. It shouldn´t be complicated nor does it have to be.

This plan is designed to take you from wherever you are in your pregnancy journey and beyond. It´s great for:

Women trying to get pregnant
Pregnant women
Breastfeeding mothers and first foods infant nutrition

We will advise on:
What foods to eat more of and what to avoid.
What vitamins, minerals, and micronutrients you should be priortizing to ensure optimal fetal develepment.
Where these nutrients are found and when it is necessary to supplement.
Which fats are essential for you and baby and the reasons behind it.
Breastfeeding and beyond, and which first foods to introduce.

In this plan we do:
A full assessment of your stress and sleep levels
Identify your individual metabolic type and tendencies
Measure and assess your blood sugar management

Based on these, and based on your own individual and changing needs as expecting mother we put together a month to month nutrition and exercise plan for you and baby.

*An exercise program is strongly reccomended in accompanying your nutrition plan. We have expert trainers on hand in the field of pregnancy and post pregnancy training. This can include in person training or a prescribed exercise plan.