On Exercise
I believe exercise, above all else, should be FUN. I believe in weight training but also in yoga to chill us the fu*k out. In training hard but doing something you enjoy for christsakes.. I believe how you train, especially how you train in the weight room, is a direct reflection of how you are in life. If you are resilient in the gym, if you show consistency and mental toughness, you WILL exhibit the same qualities in your day to day life. The beauty is that this strength,this level of toughness is 100% trainable. The mind is a muscle and can be worked.
Why wouldn´t you want to be a mental monster in your regular life??

On food and nutrition
I believe food is medicine; curative and preventative. I believe food can be healthy yet mouth wateringly RIDICULOUSLY tasty. I believe in eating for your unique needs. I believe food is one of THE biggest investments you can make not just in yourself but in your kids and grandkids. I believe it is a thing to be shared and enjoyed, and represents an opportunity to come together and share time with friends and family. I believe in eating real honest to god food and not the plastic shit that they display as good for us. I detest the power of marketing in propagating lies and myths that lead to disordered eating resulting in higher levels of obesity, depression and diseases like type 2 diabetes. I believe simplicity is best. I believe in teaching a man how to fish, that is, educating each person so they will be more likely to succeed LONG TERM. I believe in achieving health first and I don´t believe in extremes. If your goal is to lose as much weight as possible in as little time as possible with no regards for the consequences, I´m not your person. If however you want to break free from constant dieting and deprivation, have boundless energy and be a sex god or goddess in the bedroom, then let´s talk. This CAN, SHOULD and WILL be yours.

On life
I believe in living true to your values. I believe that living contrary to these values lies at the root of unhappiness. I believe stress management, sleep, and mindset are the unsung heroes of our time. I believe health and happiness are choices and decisions that we make on a daily basis. I believe in taking responsibility for our choices but being selfish with our basic needs. I believe life is a gift to be appreciated each day. I believe in reinvention of self and creating the life that YOU want to lead no matter what others may say. I believe in constant learning and continual growth. In never giving up. And I believe that life should NEVER EVER be taken too seriously;-)
The worst that can happen is that you end up with a really great story…